Can Rice Really Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

Can Rice Really Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

This urban legend has been circling around the internet for many years, but is it true? In short, the answer is no. Although rice can absorb some water from the exterior and ports of a phone, it is not very effective at removing water that has seeped inside the phone. To make matters worse, putting a phone in rice can also cause rice to get lodged in ports or allow rice dust to enter the device and cause further problems. It’s just not a good idea.

Internal View of the iPhone X Battery and Motherboard

To have the best chance at restoring full functionality, begin by powering the phone down and wiping excess water off with a paper towel. Do not heat the phone as this can cause further internal damage. Next, remove the battery and sim card if possible to increase airflow and reduce potential damage from battery swelling. Finally, bring your phone in for a complete water damage treatment. This process involves full disassembly of the phone, an ultrasonic cleaning in a pure alcohol bath to remove corrosion and mineral deposits, and a replacement of swollen batteries. If corrosion is particularly extensive, other methods like reflowing solder connections or running jumpers may be necessary to restore functionality. Although it is generally possible to recover data from even heavily damaged phones, the cost of complete repair may be too expensive and require a simple replacement.

Time is of the Essence

If your phone has been water damaged recently, time is of the essence. Even if a phone powers back on after being dropped in water, internal damage and corrosion will not be visible and can get worse with time leading to irreversible damage and total data loss. Bring your phone in today for a price quote and full-service water damage treatment!

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