Should You Buy the Pixel 3?

The new Pixel 3 (Source: Google)

If you’re looking for an upgrade sometime soon, Google just introduced its newest flagship phone offering: the Pixel 3. The Pixel 3 comes in two sizes: a 5.5” screen and a 6.3” screen called the Pixel 3 XL. One notable difference between the two is the Pixel 3 XL’s large chin and notch which are due to dual front-firing speakers. While this development certainly improves sound quality, many individuals critique the notch as a poor design choice. Aside from this controversy and obvious borrowing from Apple on the iPhone X, Google has made some unique improvements in other aspects. Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Top Shot (recommends the best photo in a series)

  • Super Res Zoom (combines images to reduce grain and distortion)

  • Night Sight (high performance in extreme low-light conditions)

  • Photo Booth (automatically takes pictures after a user poses)

  • Playground (AR stickers that respond to user interactions)

  • Google Lens (extracts information like phone numbers, emails, and websites from photos)

  • Call Screen (answers calls and provides a real-time transcription, allows the option to pick up, send a quick response, or mark the call as spam)

Aside from these features, Google also added other incremental improvements including an additional front-facing camera, wireless charging, and the Titan M chip for improved device security. Furthermore, the Pixel 3 is also compatible with a wireless charging dock called the Pixel Stand which activates Google Assistant enabling voice and one-tap commands similar to the Google Home. Pre-orders are available starting at $799 for the Pixel 3 and $79 for the Pixel Stand, so take a look and see if you might be willing to make the switch.

For more information or to make a pre-order, click here.

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